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A delicious sashimi that changes every month(The photograph is an image)

※Please understand that the food content may change depending on the stocking situation of the ingredients.
  • Cooking in a certain month

    In order to taste the best material of the changing season, we will offer you a menu change every month.

    Prices change according to the meal.
    Compared to the Hosho course, the Izu Otori Kaiseki course is a selection of chief chef specialties that upgrade the main dish.

    Example of menu of Hosho course

    Appetizer, Hanayama Mochi, Persimmon Loin, Shrimp, River Shrimp, To Tree Bud Sum, Persimmon Sushi, Persimmon Fry

    Shrine, Makoto Makoto, Riku Shikao, Chinese cabbage, Tree bud

    Good luck, tuna, Produce, Salmon, Sweet shrimp

    One thing, Seasonal vegetables steamed with salmon

    Strong man, Low temperature shoulder roast
              Fresh potato, tomato, maiko, shiitake and onion sauce

    Sesame, tea soba noodles, shirinenkoko, matcha wa hijo

    Steamed food, Seafood steamed

    Stop the chopsticks, the eel, the nagauta, the rooster, the plum meat sum

    Water candy, Tapioca sweet potato, Summer sun, strawberry

     ※The contents may be changed due to the convenience of purchasing.

  • Children's set for elementary school students

  • Kids meal style toddler dinner

  • Breakfast example

  • Enjoy Treasure of the Sea, Bespoke cuisine of Otori-so

    ※Switching when mouse is set to small picture

    Bespoke cuisine will be accepted by phone.
    In addition, the menu changes according to the season. Thank you for your understanding.

    【Other bespoke menu】

    ·Flat viewing 1 unit Market price
    ·Abalone steak 1 serving market price
    ·Beef steak 1 serving 3,630 yen
    ·Sukiyaki 2 to 3 servings 8,470 yen
    ·Hors d'oeuvre from 4,840 yen
    ·Sazae tsuboyaki 1 serving 1,030 yen
    ·Tempura 1 serving 1,500 yen
    ·Horse mackerel for one person 850 yen
    ·Fried shrimp 1 serving 1,210 yen
    ·Chawanmushi 1 person 650 yen
    ·Chicken fried chicken grilled for one person 1,030 yen
    ·Legal dishes from 5,445 yen per person
    ·We will receive a standing party of 30 people or more.

    ※Other, we will be available upon request.
  • Introduction of restaurant

    We have three restaurants according to the number of guests.
  • Delicious local sake

  • The work of the chief chef won the competition!