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Tourist information

About 90 minutes by train from central Tokyo Izu Nagaoka Onsen excursion

  • Popular tourist attractions

    • Izu·Mito Sea Paradise

      10 minutes by car
      Marine Mammals’s Square (showing sea lions, sea lions, kamailuka, etc. about 40 minutes) Other Sea Otter House (sea otters, penguins), Fish country, Sea of Orca, Sea turtle pool, etc.

      【Opening Hours】From 9:00 to 17:00 (Last entry: 16: 00)
      【entrance fee】Adult(s)·Middle and high school/¥ 2,200, 4 years old ~ elementary school student/¥ 1,100
      【Parking Fee (Standard-sized car)】500 yen
    • Ema Strawberry Picking

      【event name】Ema Strawberry Picking
      【Period】Every year from late December to early May
      【open time】From 9:00 to 16:00
      【Admission fee】From April 1 to May 6 / 1,400 yen(The above rates will be charged from 3 years old)
      【Address】Ema Strawberry Picking Center·563-7 Kitaema, Izunokuni City
    • Izunokuni Panorama Park

      5 minutes by car
      It is a 360-degree large panorama viewing Mt Fuji, Suruga Bay, Hakone from altitude of 452 m.

      Summer Season: From February 16 to October 15,
      winter: From 16th October to 15th February

      【Opening Hours】
      Uphill, From 9:00 to 16:40(Summer Season)From 9:00 to 16:10 (winter)
      Descending, From 9:00 to 17:10(Summer Season)From 9:00 to 16:40 (winter)
      【Ropeway Fee】Adult ¥ 1,800 / child 900 yen (Round trip fare)
    • Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces (World Heritage)

      10 minutes by car
      Melting furnace made at the end of the Edo period, advice by Nirayama Local Governor Hidetatsu Egawa.
      Western style iron cannons and others were cast. world Heritage.

      【Visiting time】
      April 1 to September 30, From 9:00 to 17:00
      October 1 to March 31, From 9:00 to 16:30
      ※On every third Wednesday of every month, Regular holiday (If the third Wednesday is a holiday the next day)
      【Visiting fee】Adult 500 yen / child 50 yen
      【Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces Guide】Time, From 9:00 to 16:00
  • Sightseeing spots near Izu Nagaoka

    • Shuzenji Temple Niji no Sato

      20 minutes by car
      A comprehensive theme park in nature where seasonal flowers bloom.
      You can easily enjoy the wide garden with Mini SL made in England running in the park.
    • Awashima Marine Park

      15 minutes by car
      The entire island is a marine park, which can be reached by boat.
      There are also dolphins, sea lions and dogs, frog exhibitions and pottery.
    • Cycle Sports Center

      20 minutes by car
      It is a theme park of bicycle such as 5 kilometers circuit and fun bike.
    • Ose Swimming Beach

      40 minutes by car and boat use
      Waves and waves at a calm beach, excellent in transparency.
      Experience diving is also possible.
    • Larara Sun Beach

      20 minutes by car
      A new beach, just opened in 2003.
      Beautiful sandy beach. Mt Fuji is a wonderful view that overlooks Mt Fuji.
    • Tougou Swimming Beach

      20 minutes by car
      It is convenient for people going to Numazu Interchange.
      A sandy beach that extends about 600 meters from the park.
      It's shallow and family friendly.
    • Mito Swimming Beach

      10 minutes by car
      Uchiura Bay inside of Uchiura Bay, the waves are calm and it is ideal for small children.
      Mito Sea Paradise is adjacent to Mito Sea Paradise.
    • Kano River Ayu Fishing

      The Kano River flowing in front of this facility is Mecca of the best fishing in the prefecture. Please check the ban on date and enjoy.
    • Mandarin orange hunt

      Izu is a treasure trove of fruit hunting. Especially tangerine hunting is popular. If you pick up a lot, you can send it to your home.
    • Egawa Residence

      15 minutes by car
      Nirayama is the Edo era of the magistrate's office remains in the.
      It is designated as an important cultural asset.
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