Kano River spring when the banks of the Kano River, the summer where unlimited blue skies spread.
And from autumn when village turns into gold, winter in which Fuji clearly floats.
Journey to enjoy the four seasons of Izu Nagaoka soak comfortably in the warmth of hot water, to the Otori-so, you have such a nice time to flow.
Izu Nagaoka Onsen, Otori-so
Mt Fuji hot spring hotel with a view of the Kano River through which the Mt Fuji and Amagi's Shimizu flows


All employees will "hospitize" "cleanliness" "relief" "perspective" "brightness".

Everyone is a Public Inn you can stay with confidence.
We are announcing the same price on weekdays and holidays. ※Except New Year 's Day

Otori-so is responding to the new coronavirus.

  • As part of the new coronavirus countermeasures, this facility places the following priority on customer safety.

    ① Alcohol disinfection spray is placed at the entrance, at the entrance of the dining venue, and is used by all users.

    ②Alcohol disinfection of tables, chairs, counters, elevator buttons, toilet doorknobs, etc. is conducted on a regular basis.

    (3) Employees are also required to wear a mask and have a temperature measurement before going to work, and employees who have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher are strictly prohibited from going to work.

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Izu Nagaoka Onsen, Otori-so


1133 Kona, Izunokuni City

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[Electric train] Shinkansen Mishima Station 20 minutes by Izu Hakone Railway and 15 minutes walk from Izu Nnagaoka Station (Pickup available) [car] About 40 minutes from Numazu IC

Transfer available (conditions)
Transportation to Izu Nnagaoka Station available. However, prior notice is required
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.