🔶 We are currently implementing a plan to rent out two large communal baths (with open-air baths) for the entire group! 🔶

For details, go to the hot springs page!

Certified by "Fuji no Kuni Safety and Security Certification (Accommodation Facility) System"

  • Otori-so has been certified by the "Fuji no Kuni Safety and Security Certification (Accommodation Facility) System".

    It Otori-so conforms to the certification standards of the "Fuji no Kuni Safety and Security Certification (Accommodation Facility) System".

    This system aims to provide peace of mind and trust to the citizens of the prefecture and people outside the prefecture by establishing a system in which the prefecture certifies the safety of the new coronavirus infection countermeasures implemented by accommodation facilities in Shizuoka prefecture. It is the one that was done.

    We will continue to consider the safety and security of everyone and strive to prevent infection.

    ※Click the image to see an enlarged image of the certificate.

Response to "state of emergency"

  • About the response to the "emergency declaration" of Otori-so

    From August 20th to September 30th, an "emergency declaration" was issued in Shizuoka Prefecture.

    However, there was a notification that "restaurants, restaurants, and banquet halls of hotels and inns used only by guests are not subject to the request."

    Thus, with regard to the restaurant of Otori-so are excluded, as usual alcoholic beverages is also offers, meal thank you in an hour.

    Currently, we are providing information to room meals or restaurants at intervals.If you request a room meal commitment, there is a room meal commitment plan, so please choose that.
    Also, in order to avoid congestion, we will adjust the reservation at about 50%, so please use it with confidence.

Until 9/30, the morning and evening room meals are guaranteed only for the half plan (However, Fengxiang and Fengde course are excluded.)

  • plan with half board for 1 night, guaranteed room meal for both breakfast and dinner! (Fengxiang / Fengde course is not applicable)

    Until 9/30 plan with half board for one night, we will guide you with meals in the room for both breakfast and dinner.※However, the Hosho and Hotoku course are not eligible.

    We will prepare meals in the guest room where you are staying or in a guest room other than your own room.
    Those who are worried about infection can eat at the restaurant with confidence.

    Also, on weekdays, we offer reservations for private public baths on a first-come, first-served basis!
    Reservations for private public baths are accepted by phone.(Weekdays Only)

【Until 9/30】Due to its popularity, the "Child Support Campaign" has been extended.

  • 【Due to Popularity, Extended! 】For memories with children! "Child support campaign" is extended until 9/30.

    "For memories with children! "

    Due to its popularity, the following four "Child Support Campaigns" will be held from September 30th.
    The extension is
     ① Kids room
     ② Table tennis
     ③ Shaved ice service
     ④Choice of dessert
    (⑤ Petit fireworks display until 8/31)
     bonus:If you're clever, you might get something on your way home ...
     ※The Petit Fireworks Festival is until August 31st.

    Click on the photo for more information.

    《 Information about children's yukata 》
    There is a shortage of yukata for children right now.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could bring your own pajamas.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

【Pause from 7/30! 】"By Shizuoka-Now! Shizuoka! A healthy trip! ~"

  • 【Pause from 7/30! 】About "Bai Shizuoka-Now! Shizuoka! Genki Journey!-"

    ※Pause from 7/30

    Shizuoka citizens resume tourism promotion business in the prefecture! ※Limited to small group trips with people living together.
    Otori-so is a great deal for "up to 8,000 yen"!

    Stays from 7/12 to 8/31 will receive a travel ticket (up to 5,000 yen discount) and a regional coupon (up to 2,000 yen) as a Shizuoka citizen discount campaign.
    ◆In addition, you will receive a ticket for 1,000 yen that can be used at Otori-so

    ※Travel tickets and regional coupons can be used at Otori-so

    ·10,000 yen (tax included) or more / per person per night:5,000 yen discount & regional coupon 2,000 yen
    ·From 4,000 yen to less than 10,000 yen (tax included) / per person per night:2,000 yen discount & regional coupon 1,000 yen

【GoTo Travel Campaign】Notice of suspension

  • Pause period:For the time being from December 28, 2020

    To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the "GoTo Travel Campaign" has been suspended for the time being from December 28, 2020.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand.
    We will inform you on this website when resuming.

Information about GO TO travel campaign

  • GO TO Travel Campaign! Please make a reservation from HP.(Click here for details! )

    ★Our Otori-so is GO Registration facility for TO Travel Campaign★

    Customers who wish to use the GO TO travel campaign
    ·At Otori-so, we are implementing the contents on a separate page to welcome everyone.

    ·Details for making reservations on the website or by phone are posted on a separate page.
    For reservations from the homepage, you must enter customer information and reservation information on the "STAY NAVI" site, so be sure to check the "STAY NAVI" site.

    ·Otori-so, you can also use regional coupons.

    ·At check-in, we will verify the identity of each guest.
  • Please confirm and register on the "STAY NAVI" page.(Click image)

    When making a reservation, please confirm and register on the "STAY NAVI" page from the GO TO Travel Campaign banner.

Efforts to prevent new coronavirus infection

  • Otori-so, we are working to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus as described below.(See another page for details)

    ·At check-in, we take measures to prevent infection, such as avoiding face-to-face contact, and then measure the temperature and verify the identity of all guests.Also, please wear a mask in a common space, wash your hands, and disinfect your hands.
    ·If the guest has a cold symptom such as fever, we will take appropriate measures by seeking instructions from the public health center, including on weekends.
    ·Regarding the use of shared facilities such as bathhouses and eating and drinking facilities, we have set restrictions on the number of people and time, and we are thoroughly implementing three measures.
    ·At the dining area, we take three thorough measures when eating, such as separating the seats.
    ·Thorough disinfection and ventilation of common spaces such as guest rooms and elevators.
    ·Employees also wear masks and thoroughly measure the temperature before going to work.

We will guide you to customers who use it as a group.

  • Information on liquor carry-on charges to guest rooms for croup customers

    For bringing alcoholic beverages into the guest room, a carry-on fee of 2,500 yen will be charged.

★Information on reservation reception time by phone★

  • We will inform you of the reservation reception time by phone.

    For reservation reception by phone,

    It is from 8:00 to 19:00.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will be ready to call you within the above time.

Information on business resumption

  • Large bath private rental luxury plan

    【Under reservation acceptance】
    Only now! Large bath private rental luxury plan(First 10 pairs)
    ※ A video is also available on the landing page regarding the new corona measures at this facility.

    ★★★Click the image to see the details!
  • Click here for new corona infection prevention measures

    At this facility, we are implementing the following measures as a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

    1.Installing antiseptic solution at the front entrance, dining hall, and elevators on each floor
    2. We regularly carry out alcoholic disinfection of tables, chairs, counters, elevator buttons, toilet door knobs, etc.
    Ventilate the inside of the facility, including the lobby and guest rooms.
    4. Employees wear masks, and we are thoroughly managing physical conditions such as temperature measurements.
    We take care to avoid 5 and 3 others as much as possible.

Information for guests staying at Otori-so

  • Otori-so guests staying at Otorisou.(Click here for a larger image of the information leaflet)

    Otori-so, as part of our corona countermeasures, we try not to enter your room during your stay to reduce contact.
    We regret to inform you that we have prepared a futon before check-in, so please prepare your own futon by yourself when you are absent.Please see the guide leaflet on the left for information on how to spread the futon.
    Also, we do not allow you to enter your room during breakfast.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand.

Guide within this facility

To the information page inside this facility

Information on traffic

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Hotel Name



1133 Kona, Izunokuni City

Telephone number



[Electric train] Shinkansen Mishima Station 20 minutes by Izu Hakone Railway and 15 minutes walk from Izu Nnagaoka Station (Pickup available) [car] About 40 minutes from Numazu IC

Transfer available (conditions)
Transportation to Izu Nnagaoka Station available. However, prior notice is required
To the traffic information page

Large bath private rental luxury plan

  • Under reservation acceptance

    Only now! Large bath private rental luxury plan
    Click here for more information!
    ※ A video is also available on the landing page regarding the new corona measures at this facility.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.