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Information on refurbished areas

  • Lobby on the 1st floor

    The carpet and sofa in the 1st floor lobby have been reupholstered in the image color of "Otori-so".
  • parking lot entrance

    We changed the entrance signboard to a white letter with a symbol mark so that it will be a landmark when everyone comes by car.
  • front door 1
    We have installed a noren at the front entrance to welcome everyone.
  • front door 2
    In addition, we have installed a symbol mark banner at the back of the noren.
  • 1st floor restaurant
    We have set up a private room in the restaurant on the 1st floor as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus.
  • 1st floor restaurant air conditioning
    We have renovated the air conditioning equipment of the restaurant on the first floor.
  • 1st floor courtyard

    A monument was installed in the courtyard on the first floor.
  • 2nd floor large banquet hall

    We have renovated the air conditioning equipment of the large banquet hall on the 2nd floor.
  • Room 601

    In order to accommodate more people in room 601, we renovated a Japanese + Western style room and an 11 square meter Japanese style room into one large room.
  • room number sign

    The room number signs in each room have been replaced with symbol marks.
  • some rooms

    Some guest rooms are equipped with air-conditioning equipment with a streamer function.
  • Large public bath air conditioning equipment

    The air conditioning equipment in the two large public baths has been refurbished to air conditioning with a streamer function.