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Japanese course meal where you can enjoy local Izu seafood and mountain delicacies(The photograph is an image)

※Please understand that the food content may change depending on the stocking situation of the ingredients.
  • Cooking in a certain month

    We offer a different menu every season so that you can enjoy the best ingredients of the changing seasons.

    Prices change according to the meal.
    For the selectable dinner course, you can choose the main dish from "Ise shrimp sashimi" or "Shizuoka beef steak".

    An example of the menu of the Izu Otori Kaiseki course meal

    Pre-attached     sea lettuce tofu

    Haruna     Octopus and plum meat dressing Clam sushi Grilled crab yam yolk Grilled shrimp wakakusa
            Rape blossoms and white fish with yellow vinegar Duck loin Mackerel Nanba-yaki

    Good luck    Five points assortment left to the market

    Hot pot     Spring vegetables and beef soup stock pot

    Advance     Roasted shoulder loin Taro manju Fried alfonsino and cutlassfish

    Meal     Kamameshi with Asari and Wild Vegetables

    Gift     Red miso soup with mugwort and nameko

    Dessert Homemade dessert Seasonal fruit

     ※The contents may be changed due to the convenience of purchasing.

  • Supper content for children(100% Matsusaka beef hamburg steak served on iron plate)

  • Breakfast example

  • Enjoy Treasure of the Sea, Bespoke cuisine of Otori-so

    ※Switching when mouse is set to small picture

    Bespoke cuisine will be accepted by phone.
    In addition, the menu changes according to the season. Thank you for your understanding.

    【Other bespoke menu】

    ·Boiled alfonsino sea bream 1 fish 4,950 yen
    ·Japanese Spiny Lobster sashimi starting from 3,850 yen per person
     (Prices will vary depending on stock availability)
    ·Beef steak ¥3,850 per person
    ·1 hors d'oeuvre
    ·Turban shell grilled in a pot for 1 person
    ·Tempura for 1 person
    ·Horse mackerel sashimi for 1 person
    ·Fried shrimp for 1 person
    ·Chawanmushi for 1 person
    ·Fried chicken for 1 person  
    ·Memorial service meal starting from 9,075 yen per person
    ·Matsusaka beef hamburg steak 3,850 yen
    ·Grilled eel 3,300 yen per person

    ※Other, we will be available upon request.
    ※For items with no charge, please contact us each time.
  • Introduction of restaurants

    The basic dining place is a restaurant (large banquet hall) or a restaurant (other than private rooms).

    If you wish to dine in a private room (including a private room at a restaurant), there is a private room meal guaranteed plan, so please apply there.
  • The work of the chief chef won the competition!