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  2. The story of visiting hot springs

The story of visiting hot springs

  • 【~Until 7/31】About the collaboration project “Yu Meguri Monogatari” with “Kobo Yu Honten” and “Yoritomo no Yu Honjin”

    Enjoy Izu Nagaoka Onsen even more
    Information about the "Izu Nagaoka Onsen Hot Spring Story" campaign.

    ■Period Until 2024/7/31

    Location:"Otori-so"/“Kobo no Yu” Main store”/"Yoritomo no Yu Honjin"

    Guests staying at either
    You can enjoy the baths at 3 facilities.
    It will be a collaborative project

    ※Excluded days
      Saturday,4/28 to 5/5,7/14

    ※Closed days and excluded days vary for each facility.Please contact us for more information.
      TEL 055-948-1095

    ■Available time:After check-in on the day of check-in until 21:00

    Otori-so offers radon baths, bedrock baths,
    There is a mist sauna.The bath at ``Yoritomo no Yu Honjin'' is a famous hot spring with an abundant amount of hot water that Yoritomo Minamotono once frequented, and is also known for its excellent skin-beautifying effects.There is an open-air bath where Yoritomo's seated rock still remains, and a cave bath carved out of Izu Stone.`` Otori-so'' has two indoor baths and an open-air bath with a view of Kano River, Hakone, and Amagi Amagi Mountain Range, which the other two facilities do not have, so you can enjoy the different charms of Izu Nagaoka Onsen.

    At Otori-so, most of plan are subject to the "Yumeguri Monogatari"
    However, the following plan are excluded, so when making a reservation
    Please check again if you are eligible for plan.
    (※Excludes plan that do not have the notation of "Yumeguri Monogatari Target".)

    <Excluded plan>

    ·Enjoy the famous hot springs of Izu Izu Nagaoka Onsen at a special cash price! Easy refresh trip without meals

    ·Cash special price "1 night with breakfast" OK until arrival at 20:00! Enjoy an open-air bath with a view and a large lacquered bath

    ·【Last Minute Saver】Special Advantage for Cash Payment:From 11,000 yen■Check-out at 9:00 and stay at a reasonable price in a room selected by you◆2 Meals

    ·Jalan 10-day discount plan, Jalan Special Week, etc.