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Folded Crane’s Inn

  • Why don't you try to fold a paper crane with your dreams?

    "Otori-so" of "Izu Otori Kaiseki" is a generic term for large birds such as "Stork", "Swan" and "Tsuru".
    It was named with confidence in the future of the improvement of prefectural welfare and the adolescents. In order to make the dream come true together, Otori-so has "folded paper cranes" for those who are staying, and it is displayed in this facility.
    We hope that you can fold the paper crane with your dreams and wishes to be a good memory of your journey.
    The folded paper cranes will be carefully stored and displayed.
    We hope that you will have a good memory with you through "folding cranes".

    General foundation, Shizuoka Prefecture Labor and Welfare Business Association
    Chairman, Hisao Tominaga

    (Otori-so is a "Public Inn" created for "workers working in SMEs in Shizuoka Prefecture Labor and Welfare Association" and is run by the Shizuoka Prefecture Labor and Welfare Association. )